Hi All!

Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a great week.  You may have caught a glimpse of dark hardwood floors in some of my posts.  Today I would like to share the stairway transformation that became part of updating to hardwood floors.  Here's a sneak peek at how it looks today. 
Below you see how our stairway looked before we got started - navy blue carpet with lots of cherry wood. 
It was time for some updates!

Before we could get started, my husband and  I first had to find common ground in our vision of what an upgrade meant.  Our initial translations were just a tad different.


     To my husband upgrades meant buying new navy blue carpet to
replace the old navy blue carpet.  (mmmmm, no)

    To me upgrades meant hardwood floors, with stained treads on the stairs to match the new floors, risers painted white and a much darker handrail.
Once we decided on hardwood flooring (enough said) - I still had it in my head that I also wanted to update the stairway.  You might as well know - when I get something in my head I am determined to accomplish it.  I joke about Mr Niche's resistance to change sometimes - but he really is a good sport; he concedes that when it comes to decorating that's my area - - and when it's all done  - - he's happy when I'm happy.   But I still try to incorporate his desires into any major changes. 
Sooooo, one day I removed the little wooden plugs and started to sand and sand and sand and wonder what the heck I  got my self into and sand and sand and wonder and sand and sand.  Seriously - it  seemed like a gazillion spindles - okay maybe not quite a gazillion - but  there are over 50 of them!   Then after all the sanding and cleaning up  was done I started to stain and then paint.  That part of the process seemed to  go much quicker.  Sorry, no in between photos. 

At some point, I peaked under  the carpet - that is when, I slapped it back down and decided to let the treads  to the professional.  I am determined; however, I also know when to step aside  and hire someone.  Who knew - there are different types of stairs - one for  putting carpet on and the other for looking at - these were not the looking at  kind!!!

So here is what we ended up with. 
I couldn't find the right color of stain; so I ended up blending colors to match the darkest tones in the hardwood flooring.
A view from the top - that's a lot of spindles!
Another look.
So do you have a stairway that you would love to update?  If so, maybe this can be your inspiration for getting started or maybe you've already refinished yours - either way, I'd love to hear about it. 
Hi All!

Do you find yourself sometimes hanging onto something that just doesn't work anymore - like this teal vase?
Although, this vase is almost 20 years old - I remember the day I bought it like it was yesterday.  I was in the process of redecorating our guest room and we were traveling through Tennessee.  We stopped to do some shopping and I spotted this vase - it went perfectly with the picture that was serving as the inspiration for the room.  I brought it home and it served its purpose.  When we moved, the vase came with us - and was used for a while before being retired to that "shelf in the basement".  That place where I keep things thinking they may get repurposed some day.

Recently, I was looking for something for inside the front door and this vase filled the bill - except for the color.  I already had the candle pillars and they are a dark bronze - they actually came that way.  Believe it or not - I have not painted everything in my house (yet).  Anyway...after removing a bit of dust and adding some Oil Rubbed Bronze paint that I had on hand - I had a new look without spending a dime!
Without a color change this vase didn't have a chance with my current decor.  But with little effort it now has a place at the front door.  Another look...
Don't you just love bringing new life to something you already have?  I sure do!