Hi All!

Hope you are having a great week.  Here is a peek at the buffet sideboard that I recently found for our patio.  If you have been following me, you know that working on the patio was delayed by staining and getting the deck put back together with a little makeover.  Now that the deck furniture is back where it belongs - I am ready to start tweaking the patio - (and yes that includes hosing down the bricks - yickkk!!!). 
The patio area under our deck provides some shade and a place to serve food and beverages.  Over the years, we have tried a variety of tables with a tablecloth for serving on the patio - but they weren't quite right for everyday.  I decided I wanted some sort of buffet to fit along the wall that also looked good without a tablecloth. 

I had decided if I didn't find one soon, I was going to make one myself and then I spotted this one.  We were on our way back from our Family Reunion, amongst some of the Amish on their travels and decided to stop at some Antique Shops.   Here is one of the Amish buggies near one of the Antique Shops.   
Did you know...a white topped Amish buggy signifies a Nebraska Amish Settlement.  They are the only Amish that use the white top - this is one of their smaller buggies.  The Nebraska Amish are said to be one of the most conservative groups adhering to Old Order Amish - what people traditionally think of when they think of Amish.  The Nebraska Amish settled in central Pennsylvania's Big Valley, specifically - Mifflin County around 1791.  The Nebraska Amish also have a presence in Centre, Huntingdon and Union Counties.  Interesting to me as I have ancestors that settled in each of these counties, some in the 1700's. 
Anyway, I think this sideboard will be a nice addition for the patio.  I decided to buy the large baskets that they had displayed with it in the shop.  We can use them as a storage option or we can pull them out and just use the bottom shelf.   I even considered using these baskets for extra towel storage until I found the basket that keeps them out in plain sight.  

The sideboard is currently a little to orange for me and the baskets a little to yellow - sooooo, I'm sure there will be some sort of makeover in the future.  I am not sure what.   The top is currently has inlaid beige tiles - I'm not sure if they will stay or go... Does anyone have any suggestions for its new look?  It  will be used against the white siding and most of the furniture is dark brown.  Here is one of the before pictures of an adjoining area -  it's pretty plain in this picture - but this will give you an idea what's already there.   
Here is one more look at the sideboard in its current condition - with the baskets.  As far as the buffet goes, and your suggestions - it's all fair game - and  subject to change - - the wood, the tiles and the baskets - what do you think?
That's all for today.  If you have any ideas for refinishing the sideboard and baskets - I'd love to hear what you would do.  Have a great day!!!
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Hi All!

Today, I have another piece to add to the furniture revival.  Here is an old cherry desk that I feel in love with on a recent scouting adventure.  
She had some rough spots, needed a good cleaning and some good old fashioned tender loving care.  But look at those lines - great legs, carved detail and the interior is like new!   All for a great price.  Sold! 

This is where I can't wait to phone Mr Niche to find out when he can come and pick it up - oops that should read pick them up.  Them being, not only did I find this great desk but I also found a bookcase and dresser.  Score!!!  And as luck would have it DH was headed in this direction so we would have them home the same afternoon!!!

When I got the pieces home I started cleaning the desk right away.  I came across a couple of address stickers.  It seems the previous owner's name was Amelia - so I decided to name this project Amelia. 

Although I don't normally prime when I use ASCP, Amelia had some rough  spots that I had to touch up prior to getting started.  Some markings add character, you just have to decide which ones you want to live with.   Likewise,  knowing what look you are going for shoul also help you determine how much  prep  work to do.  For example if I was going for a distressed look - I  would have cleaned her up and started painting. 

So here we are after the prep work and a coat of primer.
From the moment I saw Amelia, I knew this was going to be an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  (ASCP) Project.  I decided to mix up a batch of my home brew that I call Vanilla Frosting. 

Here she is - still up on blocks.
Here's a close up of some of Amelia's details; displaying her new coat and her
original hardware now finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze.  As indicated earlier, I am  planning on a seperate post for hardware.
And here is another angle - I just love the details. 
And the total new look. 
I recently picked up a chair that needs a fresh coat of paint - it should look great with this desk.  Hope to get it posted in the near future. 

And now for the side-by-side before and after.  So how do you like Amelia's new style?  Have you done any makeovers lately; if so, I'd love to see them.
It's a furniture revival - one piece at a time!
Hi - I'm back!!! 

Didn't mean to take so long since my last post - but sometimes you'll have that.  You know, a girl has gotta have time to create in amongst all the other things in life that demand our time.  Certainly not the least of the time drains is the trips to the hardware stores - I've been there about a dozen times since I last posted.  Pick up paint samples, check them out at home, buy paint - color doesn't look right in this lighting, back for samples, check again at home, back for paint, need more supplies...it's enough to wear a person out!!!  Oh, and that doesn't count the trips my husband made for me!!! 

But even if it takes me a while between posts - please be patient with me as it likely means I am busy creating.  Hmmmmm, let's see, when was the last time I wasn't working on something...I can't remember; in fact I usually have a few projects going at any given time. 

I am also working to improve my camera skills to capture my efforts.   That has been a real struggle!!!  It seems like one day I have it and the next day I am all over the place.  I have always considered my photos above average; but, for some reason taking pictures to share with you has been a challenge.  Part of it is that we get a lot of sunlight and that is a challenge and the other part I would say is the operator - that would be me!!! 

Anyway - - about that accent table...

Here is a small accent table I picked up about a month ago.  I liked the spindles and its sturdy bones.  It's a perfect size for sitting your drink down next to your favorite chair without adding a full sized table.  The finish, although this picture didn't capture it well (surprise!!!), is a high gloss black.  Listen...do you hear something?
A few shake, shake, shakes and the familiar pssssssssssst, pssssssssssst, psssssssssssssssssssssst and it takes on a new look.  
Add a vase filled with pussy willows for a Spring look and pull up a chair .
One more look.
If you look closely in the background of the before picture you will have a sneak peek at an upcoming post.

It's all part of a furniture revival - one piece at a time! 

Decor Niche

One of my favorite challenges is to take a piece of furniture that has "seen its  better days" and revive it into an item suitable for today's living.  For me the  fun starts with the hunt, scouring sales, thrift shops, antique shops and  occasionally things just appear at the darnedest places.  Heck - sometimes an  opportunity for revival is here at home, right under my nose - screaming paint
me - - paint me!!!

Take a look at this piece - it really is in great condition and look at the details.  It was just sitting there, reasonably priced, saying help me.
Sometimes I brush, sometimes I spray...it all depends on the piece, what is the current condition and what is the desired look.   I try my hardest to stay away from sanding but that also depends on the condition of the piece.  Does it already have a poor quality paint job?  Do some spots require additional attention?  If so - break out the sandpaper.  You see I can't just walk away from an item because it requires sanding - once I have fallen for the lines (or the good bones) of an item, I am usually willing to put in the extra effort.  Besides, what would be the fun if it was all easy???

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), Valspar and Rustoleum are probably my top 3 choices.  If it was up to DH - he would have me use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) on every piece.  Yes, ASCP is a great product and it always receives consideration; but, I tend to let the characteristics of the piece and the desired final look determine what I use.  Don't let the price of ASCP scare you off - it really is comparable to others when you consider the costs of primer and coverage. When using ASCP most pieces don't require sanding - so you have the time and labor factors to consider.  These are some of the reasons ASCP gets the DH vote every time; we also like the finish ASCP gives and oh yeah - no overspray!!! 

Don't get me wrong - not every piece is predestine for a coat of paint.  I have brought home pieces intending to paint them and afterwards decided to keep them in their original skin (at least for the time being).  I actually like to blend woods and painted pieces for a custom look.  I have some mahogany pieces that I would never dream of painting or parting with - but in the same room I have pieces  painted black that I wouldn't trade for a carbon copy in mahogany.   So it all depends and it truly comes down to your personal style. 

Any way, this particular piece was talking to me and wanted to wear ASCP.  I consulted with her future owner and a custom color was brewed.  

Below is a look at the detail on the drawers in the new color. 
And here she is after the hardware received a fresh coat of paint.  We will discuss painting hardware in a future post.

I wish I had a picture of her in her new home where she looks even better (add that to the list of things to do).  Maybe someday, I will get good at photoshop and then I can remove some of the distracting surroundings.  In the meantime...

Decor Niche