Hi All!!!

Hope you are enjoying summer!!!  Is your barware causing crowding in your cupboards?  Do you sometimes not know where to store your bottles and glasses?  If so, this post may help you.  Because this post is on creating a home bar cabinet (home cabibar).  Soooooo - let's get started!
In our previous house we had a bar in our basement.  Altough we plan on  building one here - we haven't gotten that far so I was left with making room  for various glasses and bottles in the existing cabinet space.   Prior to
starting my hunt for dining room furniture I made a list of requirements.  I  knew overall that I wanted the room to be more inviting, with a less formal appeal, another  requirement was I wanted a place to store the glasses and bottles.   Sooooo -  with a vision of what I wanted the rest of the room to look like I set out to furnish the room...  when I spotted this cabinet it became my first purchase for the new look.  
The top half has three shelves for display and the bottom half has six drawers  all housed behind two full length glass doors.   Let's take a look inside. 
Since the top half is displayed behind the glass doors  - I decided I wanted an assortment of decanters and spent hours (and hours and hours) searching thrift stores, antique shops and the internet.  The use of decanters would help unify the look.  I initially suffered some sticker shock over how much decanters cost.  I finally found a few of these italian decanters (new and reasonably priced) on eBay and decided it was a start - a couple days later I found more of the same (also on eBay).   Score!!!
I toyed with various ways to label the decanters to identify the contents - finally (or should I say - temporarily) deciding on some self-stick lettering I had on-hand (black with a tad of glitter).  As you can see, some items got an abbreviated label such as TS (Triple Sec) or  OV (Orange Vodka) .  Although derived from necessity (I didn't have enough of some of the letters and didn't feel like running around trying to figure out where I even bought them) - I think the abbreviatons help keep things on the informal side. 
With my love for all thing beachy and summery - the shelves currently hold some beach accents as well as an assortment of adult beverages. 
I like the way the light sparkles on the glasses and bounces from the various colors of the bottled contents. 
I am probably (most definitely)  not the one to tell you what to stock your bar with - - you are a better judge of that - knowing what you, your family and friends like.  In fact, you probably already have it on hand.  I filled these bottles from our on-hand assortment.    I'm pleased with having a bar cabinet and happy to have precious cabinet space returned.   And remember drink responsibly - if you drink - don't drive!!!
Well all of this has made me want to go party - I'll be linking up with these talented ladies...