Hi All!!!

Wha-cha-been up to???  Me - thanks  for asking - watching the sunrise, drinking coffee and wanting to share the sunrise and a small  discovery I made.   First, a look at the sunrise burning through some clouds. 
Not sure if I have said it before... but you should know,  by far - summer is  absolutely, positively my favorite season.  And I loooovvvvvveeeee being outside and for me that includes plenty of water activities. 

If you have ever owned a pool, beach house,  lake cottage, boat or for that matter, anything related to water activities - you likely already know ...those beach towels  - sometimes need taming.   So,  that has lead me in search of an idea for taming the beasts - the beach towels.  I want them to be readily available but presented with a neat  appearance.   I also want to be able to identify what needs laundered and what  hasn't been used.   When in doubt - into the wash they all go and sometimes - -  that can be a lot of towels!!!  Recently, I discovered this. 
On a recent run through Marshall's I spotted these baskets.  (How is it when we are in a hurry - is when we find the neatest stuff???)   It turns out the height is perfect for our oversized towels - pull them out of the dryer, two folds and a quick roll - then into the basket they go - any extras go to the linen closet.  Move the basket to a convenient poolside location and everyone can help themselves.  If you have ever been the one that has forgotten a towel you know sometimes you  just  hate to ask.    But now they are out in plain sight, neatly organized and  readily available.  At the end of the day, unused towels are still rolled and the others get a trip to the washer.  Towels are tamed and coming from someone who loves organization - I am loving this basket!!!  

Last Friday, as we were loading up for a trip to the beach, I threw the basket in with the luggage.  It's working great here too.  I sat the basket on the balcony where anyone heading for the beach or pool - can just grab a clean beach towel and be on their way.  
So, how about you - have you found a way to tame those beasts (beach towels) or has this inspired you to come up with your own idea - - if so, I would love to hear what you have done to tame the beast - keeping things organized while enjoying water activities. 

The sun is up and has burned its way through (not a cloud in sight), the dolphins are swimming by and I'm ready to grab a towel and head for the beach!  Have a great day!!!
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