KItchen Wall Decor Ideas

15+ Alluring Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Functional kitchens are a must, but aesthetic kitchens are equally important. So, besides just bringing in a versatile kitchen island, jazz up your kitchen with these fancy kitchen wall decor and make your kitchen as a perfect place to killing time with your family. Here are 18 kitchen wall decor ideas, ranging from something framed to colorful knick-knacks that are related to the kitchen. 

Mason Jars Kitchen Shelf

With its distinctive shape and usability that exceeds their retro charm, besides being good for smoothies, cocktails and mocktails, glass mason jars are also great as a storage area that shows the bare tones of spices and cooking utensils to fill an empty wall.

Mason Jars Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Hanging Wicker Plates

Bringing a warm and homely atmosphere by presenting ethnic trinkets, one of which is a wicker plates that are usually identical with unique Asian culture.

Ethnic Wicker Plates - Kitchen Wall Decor

Unique Wine Holders

Wine racks aren’t always about storage. On the other hand, it can be a decoration that makes statements about how your habits and personality really are.

Unique Hanging Wine Holders - Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Colorful Spoons

Lack of costs to bring something fancy? Try creative and inexpensive ideas to season empty walls. Provide a spoon (because this is related to the kitchen) and paint, and do it exactly as shown below.

COlorful Spoons - Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

But First Coffee

The framed printables wall art can also be an easy and inexpensive way to enliven the kitchen wall. Print something kitchen-themed, something related to kitchen equipment, coffee, or kitchen rules, what is not and what can be done in your kitchen.

But First Coffee Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Hanging Spice Rack & Holders

When it comes to spices, most people tend to pay more attention to taste than it looks. In fact, you can take advantage of the different colors and textures of each spice as decorations related to the kitchen.

Hanging Spice Holders Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Turquoise Printables Art

Bring the 50s kitchen charm to your modern kitchen by attaching turquoise wall art to its empty walls. Its distinctive appearance attracts attention, making it ideal for highlighting small areas. This is a color that is famous for being simple to decorate, only requires a subtle amount to create a new style.

Turquoise Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Hanging Herbs

In the kitchen, green herbs tones are neutral. Even when your kitchen is a modern, colorful kitchen formed from two tone kitchen cabinets, it will be easier to pin hanging herbs to decorate the walls than to bring in B&W printables kitchen wall decor.

Hanging Herbs Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Love Sign Rustic Mug Holders

On the other hand, the kitchen is always related to love, a gathering place and or just room for pleasant conversation. Affirm that on a wall decoration in the form of a sign of love to hold your mug collection on your coffee station.

Coffee Station Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas


Besides to be a reminder, write down the rules of the kitchen, or saying. printables kitchen wall decor can also be for something eccentric but attractive, for example; write urban dictionaries that tend to be funny and unique.

Urban Dictionary Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Decorative Plates

Decorative plates are an easy and efficient way to add tones, shapes, designs and 3D to make your kitchen look more inviting.

Hanging Plates Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are not always useful as a storage solution. With a little touch and creature, it can be an amazing wall decoration.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Framed Fake Fruits

Simple and does not require a lot of money at all, using fake fruit as a modern kitchen wall decor is efficient for adding tones to a white kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

EAT Sign Cutting Board

Don’t hurry to throw away your used cutting board. Use it as a background for inspiring letter art. Andreson + grant provides a complete tutorial for you to do it yourself.

Eat Sign - Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Cottage Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Leave empty walls into a potential space for you to follow popular trends. Yes! without having to change furniture in a short period of time, you can still keep the kitchen up to date. Only need a blank wall, a simple kitchen wall shelf, and decorative knick-knacks that support the trend.

Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Printable Chalkboard-like Utensils


Printables Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

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