Modern Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Hardware

12 Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets To Freshen Up The Heart Of Your Home

Go with a timeless B & W mixtures, bright yellow and gray, or masculine navy and white, whatever it is,  two tone kitchen cabinets can always look more attractive than one with a single tones. Bring in a two-tone kitchen cabinet is an easy and inexpensive way to escape from a boring casual kitchen. Moreover, there are unlimited possibilities to mix your two favorite colors, all you need is the courage to start and show something unique that suits your personality to anyone who comes to your kitchen. To help you, we have collected 12 awesome two tone kitchen cabinets ideas. Add more visual interest to your kitchen and change the kitchen to be more than comfortable but also fun for prep work.


Yes! the two-tone cabinet is truly awesome. It’s not just making space more bright, stylish and colorful. On the other hand, it allows you to multiply elegance, mixing what might initially seem impossible. Like the idea to mix the breezy and calm oceanside tones with an elegant marble surface and additional golden hardware that turns the kitchen more luxurious.

Marble Top Turquoise Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets and Island
modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets

Glossy White

Two-tone cabinet can also be formed from tones with different characters. Like a mixture of modern glossy white tones and earthy wood colors that are perfect for keeping your kitchen still looking inviting even though surrounded by modernity.

Glossy White + Wood Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
glossy white modern kitchen cabinets

Dark Grey

It doesn’t have to be difficult to add unique talent to your kitchen cabinet. See how the rustic kitchen cabinet looks more futuristic and modern when using a mixture of white tones on upper parts and sophisticated dark gray in the lower part.

Transitional Grey Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
dark grey farmhouse cabinets

Concrete + Yellow

Not only must be the basic or pastel tones. Something natural, architectural, or organic is also possible to be a unique additional tone. For example; adding a concrete tone to the bright yellow cabinet so that it not only looks modern but also artistic.

Concrete + Yellow Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets
concrete and yellow

Transitional Wood Tones

Playing with natural tones such as wood color gradations is the easiest way to do it. But make sure that the upper part of the cabinet gets a brighter color because there are many risks that you must be prepared to face when you mistakenly pair the tone.

Transitional Wood Color Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Off-White + Cherry

Maybe some tones are not popularly used for other furniture, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice to combine and pair in your kitchen cabinet. The combination of tones like off-white and cherry will perfectly make your kitchen look more elegant, simple and unpretentious.

Off-White + Cherry Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets


When you will be pairing a lot of hardware with different tones, then white is the most appropriate neutral tone for the upper cabinet. It also allows you to freely choose the tone for the lower cabinet. Whether it’s gray, cherry or emerald, don’t ever hesitate to pair any of your favorite colors. Maximize the neutral colors to add more tones that can make your kitchen look more catchy. You can attach gold hardware to the wood kitchen wall decor which is not only stylish but also offers features that are so helpful.

Green + White Two Tone Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Beach Styles


Modern Two Tone Cabinets For Small Kitchen



Pastels Color Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Accents


Modern Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops

Ivory + Yellow


Ivory + Yellow 2 Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Orange Poppy –  Modern Two Tones Kitchen Cabinets


Modern Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets


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