Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

20+ Fancy Chic Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Talking about bathroom shower tiles is not always about how well it functions, how strong they hold the water rate, or how durable they are in wet areas. Bathroom shower tiles can also be a way to maintain the overall ambiance of the bathroom. Just need to be a bit creative and take advantage of the many types of bathroom tiles that are potential to mix and match to suit your wishes. We have collected 20 wondrous bathroom shower tile ideas. See as the initial idea to create a minimalist to luxurious bathroom


With so many patterns and designs available, mosaic tiles can be an easy way to bring in unique talents that can also be used as a focal point and make the bathroom look more artistic.

Bathroom Shower Wall Tiles


Marble with a wave pattern transforms a wet, soggy bathroom into something elegant and comfortable.

Marble Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Black And GOLD

Black and gold are graceful, beautiful, and bold. Something that can change an ordinary bathroom to look more luxurious without having to enter excessive decoration.

Marble Bathroom SHower Tile Ideas

Marble Bathroom Shower Tiles

Its characteristics which are easy to work on are the reason why marble is the best choice compared to other natural stones. With an unlimited choice of veins and coloring that are often considered as the best trait, you can easily beautify your bathroom walls without excessive decoration.

Marble Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Modern 3D Tiles

The futuristic curve, irregular but aesthetically represents modernity that you might not get from other types of tiles. Making it unique, looks soothing and amazing, especially when the water is flowing between it.

Modern Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


Maybe this doesn’t look as sophisticated as 3D tiles or as fancy as marble tiles, but green subway tiles are simple, interesting things that are hard to miss as an option. Especially when you build a farmhouse bathroom.

Emerald Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas



Fishscale Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas



Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


Blue Subway Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Flowing Tresses


Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas

Elongated Hex

ELongated Hexagon Modern Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas


Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas

Textured Tiles

Modern Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas


Vertical Subway Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas


Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Aesthetic Accents

Aesthetic Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Vertical Pattern

Installing tiles vertically is reducing the workload and budget for updating the bathroom. This method can also be perfect for making optical illusions that you have a higher room.

Vertical Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Concrete Look

Identical to industrial style, concrete tiles present a powerful artistic and aesthetic feeling to make the bathroom look more classy.

Concrete Look Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Reguler Subway Tiles

Timeless, elegant and nostalgic are the best reasons to stick to regular subway tiles and don’t have to frequently update your bathroom even though there are many trends coming and going out there.

Subway Backsplash + Pebbles Flooring Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

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