Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

18 Stunning Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

Whether it’s to enrich the tone, jazz up the room ambiance, or just give a statement, the fact is that wall decor will really help you improve both the function and aesthetics of the bedroom. But it does not mean that everything that can be attached or hung on a wall can be used as a bedroom wall decor. Yes! just sticking something beautiful isn’t enough. Because it is your bedroom, it would be better to choose something personal that feels it is really yours. Find more ideas and the best ways to beautify the bedroom walls, here are 18 dazzling bedroom wall decor ideas.

Moon Phases Wall Art

Not solely because of its beauty or because the moon is identical to the time you sleep. The moon phase in fact always emits vibrations both to your body and mind. The moon phase in the form of wall art can be your way to show a feminine personality, a way to bring in unique mystical qualities that make the atmosphere more comfortable.

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Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
moon phases wall art for bedroom

Floating Shelf

Because with just a simple floating shelf you can turn anything that is artfully into a wall decoration. A place to put a collection of family photos to colorful trinkets that will actually look messy when no storage is provided.

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Floating Shelf Bedroom Wall Decor
simple floating shelf

Printable Geometric Art

Geometric shapes add modern flair to the bedroom.

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Printable Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
printables geometric wall art

Cute Canvas Painting

With canvas paintings, you can be free to place any object as a bedroom wall art.

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Canvas Painting Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
modern oils canvas paintings

Wall Decals

Meanwhile, wall decals are a practical and inexpensive way for you to do it.

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MOdern Wall Decor For Kids Bedroom
Safari wall decals for bedroom

String Lights

String lights are magical. They can easily add personality because they come in so many shapes and colors, but they also give your room a beautiful glow that is hard to achieve otherwise.

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String Lights Bedroom Wall Decor
String lights

Hanging Flowers

Artificial flowers effectively enrich the tone in the bedroom.

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Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas - Hanging FLowers

Romantic Decals

In spaces where romance and relaxation are needed, romantic wall decorations will set the mood. This is not only in the couples’ bedrooms, but also for those of you who are single.

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Romantic Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
romantic wall decals

Love Sign

Or, enough heart sign that is more universal to express your feelings and love.

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Romantic Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
love sign

Hanging Planter

Usually used to bring the outside into small rooms so as to create an optical illusion as if the room feels bigger than its actual size.

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Hanging Planter - Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas
hanging planters

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