Modern Retro Living Room Ideas

20+ Modern Living Room Ideas – Modern Interior Designs

What was the first time you imagined when talking about a modern living room?. Is it a futuristic design, clean straight lines, or even a glossy surface?. That may not be entirely wrong, but the modern interior design for the living room is more than how it should look, but also how the furniture, placement, and details are functional to serve a variety of interests. Discover more ideas to make subtle upgrades to your living room. Here are 20+ stylish modern living room:

Lux & Modern Living Room

By raising the ceiling and covering the walls with marble, a living room is not only looks modern, but also looks majestic and luxurious. Contemporary chairs and sofas on sophisticated dark gray rugs reinforce elegant modernity. Via: Instagram

Modern Living Room With Marble Wall Accents

Neutral Tones

It’s not hard enough to get a modern living room, just need neutral colors that create a minimalist interior with straight-line furniture that’s identical to the modern style.

Grey & White Modern Living Room Ideas

Mid-Century Modern

Maybe this is not a futuristic modern style, but adding a touch of mid-century decor to the today’s living room makes it precisely timeless, lively, even warmer and inviting.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Bohemian Style

Boho elements are the great way to enliven a neutral interior. You can add rugs not only on the floor but also on the sofa. That’s a great way to bring additional patterns into the mix.

Modern Bohemian Living Room

Go Monochromatic

Monochromatic tones work well for representing sophisticated modern styles. Distinctive contrast makes it look cold but attract attention, minimal but makes it curious.

Monochromatic Modern Living Room

A Rustic Modern Decor

This is what I have noticed at the beginning of this article that modern living rooms are not always only formed from sophisticated, futuristic materials. A wood-filled living room can also be of concern when it is minimalist, functional, and follows the trends of today’s society. That’s why modern rustic decor attracts so many people. It offers a warmth that’s not usually felt in a modern room.

A Rustic Modern Living Room

Bring The Outside In

From improving mood to making space feel like a spacious outdoors, there are many benefits of bring the outside in. This also makes the room look modern.

Bring The Outside In - Modern Living Room Ideas

Masculine Moves

Via: Instagram

Luxury Blue Modern Living Room Ideas

Wall Decor Shelf

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Modern Living Room With Bright Colours

Minimalist Coffeee Tables

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Contemporary Modern Living Room Ideas

Go Geometrical

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Modern Living ROom With Hexagonal Shelves


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Monochrome Modern Living Room Ideas

Pop Colors

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Colour Pop - Modern Living Room Ideas


Feminine Modern Living ROom Ideas


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Modern Industrial Open Space Living Room Ideas

Make Use of Vertical Space

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Futuristic Modern Living Room

Small Modern Living Room

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Small Modern Living Room

Asian Style

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Asian Style Modern Living Room Ideas

No Need For A Couch

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 Modern Living Room Ideas

More Storage

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Modular Tv Stands - Modern Living Room Ideas

Mint Accents Wall

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Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern Loft Living Room

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Modern Attic Living Room Ideas

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